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2 April 2024 | Aged Care

Life of the party

Entertainer to the troops, travelling across the country, Velma Clarke has lived a life of adventure.

St Andrews Aged Care in Tallebudgera is lucky to have such a lively personality!

St Andrews Creative arts Coordinator Alison Wilson and Velma have formed a special friendship.

The pair love to share a cuppa and look at Velma’s wonderful photo frames.

Alison takes up the story. “Meet Velma, a true embodiment of resilience and joy who is currently residing at St Andrews Aged Care in Tallebudgera.

A remarkable woman whose story is a blend of strength, perseverance, and genuine warmth.

Born in Sydney and now calling the Gold Coast home for the past two decades, Velma’s life is a testament to embracing every twist and turn with courage.

Growing up Velma had a great upbringing with kind and loving parents.

She had many pets which varied from Silky Terriers, a wallaroo, cockatoos and cats.

As a professional dancer and entertainer, Velma travelled across Australia, spreading joy through her performances for the Army and Air Force.

Alongside her stage career, she dabbled in bar work and even took on the role of a cigarette girl in Kings Cross.

Velma cherishes her memories of marrying her late husband Joe, travelling and entertaining the troops.

Both her and Joe were heavily involved with the Currumbin Viking surf club, where Joe was Santa for many years and received a Centenary medal for distinguished service.

But what truly sets Velma apart is her genuine joy in the little things – Velma thinks that just “breathing” makes her day!

Velma truly puts a smile on many faces and is so generous with her time and willingness to help out with any decorating, craft or dressing up.

A great example of how this lovely lady dives into making a themed day even better is on Australia Day when she painstakingly made individual champagne cork and Australian flag decorations to sit on each person’s mat in the dining areas.

She is a lady who knows her own mind and is willing to share her opinions and advocate for others in the most respectful way.

Velma’s story reminds us to treasure each moment and approach life with an open heart and a resilient spirit.

Here’s to Velma – a beacon of light in our community, whose journey continues to inspire us all.”

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