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Our Lutheran Chaplaincy

Lutheran Services’ chaplains provide pastoral and spiritual guidance to residents and clients of our services. We offer acceptance to everyone and a willingness to walk alongside them on their journey.

Our Lutheran Theology, based on the Bible’s message of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, inspires our values and faith. As God accepts us in Jesus Christ, so our chaplains accept and respect everyone as an individual, to be treated with Christian love and humility.

Services for Aged Care residents

All our aged care services have a dedicated chaplain to provide spiritual support and pastoral care. These chaplains coordinate worship services, devotions and other rituals throughout the week, providing opportunities for all residents to participate if they wish.

Our Lutheran Hospital Chaplaincy

Our Lutheran hospital chaplaincy ministry is run by Lutheran Services for the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District. The Lutheran Hospital Chaplains lend a listening ear, spiritual support and pastoral care to Queenslanders at major hospitals in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and Toowoomba.

The hospital chaplains are volunteers who go through an accredited training program to prepare them for their roles. Chaplains can provide comfort and reassurance, they can assist with spiritual guidance and help people to come to terms with the particular challenges they are facing while in hospital and also when they leave hospital. Our Lutheran hospital chaplains make a considerable difference to people’s experience of hospital and their work is highly valued.

Some of our chaplains within the major hospitals operate as ward chaplains, and provide pastoral care to anyone in their designated ward who requests a visit by a chaplain, irrespective of their religion. Others operate as denominational chaplains, providing assistance to those in hospital who have identified themselves as Lutheran and have requested a visit by a Lutheran chaplain. The chaplain’s role is always responsive to the needs of the patients. The visit can be short or long but the chaplains spend considerable time simply listening.

This work is supported by donations from Lutheran congregational members and the public.

“Orana has a wonderful community. And we’re an important part of the broader community. We have a strong connection with the Lutheran community and other denominations. Many of our residents come to chapel on Sundays and to our devotion on Wednesdays. We have a dedicated chapel, which is a beautiful building. There’s a close connection between us all at Orana. It’s all about building bridges and making connections. So we can be there for each other.”

– Pastor Michael, Chaplain, Orana, Kingaroy

If you are interested in becoming a Lutheran hospital volunteer chaplain please contact the Support Centre.