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A brighter future

A brighter future

Women from all walks of life come to our domestic violence refuges to escape domestic and family violence. We provide safe, secure, short-term accommodation for women and their children. Providing a safe haven is just the beginning of the support we offer. We also help women gain the skills and resilience they need to work towards a better future for them and their children.

How we can help

We have a mix of units and houses in various secure, undisclosed locations for women and their children. They are safe, welcoming and comfortable places. There’s a playground area for the kids and often a recreation area where you can connect with others. We also provide housing support when you transition back into the community.

There are lots of ways we can help. We’ll help you make plans for your future, show you how to connect with community and government supports, set goals to achieve and work out your healthcare plans.

We can help you with any skills you may need to brush up on. We’re happy to help you figure out things like school enrolments, budgeting, getting to know public transport and eating well.

We help you strengthen your skills to support yourself and your family. We offer access to a parenting program, Triple P and a healthy relationship program.

We help you find the power to cope and move forwards. We have an on-site psychologist, plus effective art and music therapy. Our staff are trained in the most contemporary risk assessment and risk management framework along with trauma-informed, culturally- informed, strength-based and solution focused theories and approaches.

We offer care and support for kids, with our dedicated children’s worker and children’s program. Our Children’s Counsellor also works with Mum to support the child’s recovery from trauma.

We offer access to a wide range of external support services for things such as legal matters, schooling, health and immigration services. We also provide advocacy and an interpreter service.

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