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Nurturers of our people

Nurturers of our people

Supporting and developing our people who are the heart and soul of our organisation.

Work culture

We support and encourage our staff through a dedicated
wellbeing framework. We are recognised as an employer
of choice and a great place to work.

Diversity & inclusion

Today, around a third of our staff are from culturally and
linguistically diverse backgrounds. All people feel welcome
and are valued members of our client and resident communities.

Career development & training

Our staff have clearly defined training and development
pathways. Wherever possible, we seek to fill job vacancies
through internal promotions.

Stewards of our planet

Stewards of our planet

Protecting and rehabilitating our natural environment for future generations.

Mitigating climate risk

We have assessed our buildings for climate risk and developed a risk mitigation plan.

Sustainable sites & services

Our services, accommodation and workplaces are
thoughtfully designed to be great places to live
and work, and have minimal environmental impact.

Reducing waste

We minimise waste and the use of disposable
or single-use items wherever possible.

Conscious consumer

Conscious consumer

Understanding what we buy and minimising the negative impact it has on people and the environment.

Ethical procurement

The goods we purchase and the services we employ do not exploit individuals or the natural environment.

Responsible investment

Our investments align with our values
and responsible investment framework.

Reducing emissions

We commenced our solar energy initiative in 2020. Within two years, we had halved our emissions and were generating more than a quarter of our electricity through solar. This will continue to grow.

Catalysts of our community

Catalysts of our community

Continuing to build diverse and inclusive communities beyond Lutheran Services.

Embedding in our communities

We are active and engaged members of our
local communities. All of our services have
an active community engagement strategy.

Co-locating communities

We are exploring co-location models—bringing different
people/groups/communities together— to enhance the
experience for our clients and residents.

Maximising our impact

We target disadvantage and inequity in our communities
through evidence-based initiatives that prioritise education,
housing, employment, safety, health and wellbeing.

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