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Dr Leena Vuorinen


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Andrew Spyropoulos

Vice Chair

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Jennifer Danslow


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Cheryl Steinhardt


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Lyn Schultz


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Theresa Stolz


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Pastor Andrew Koehler


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The Lutheran Services Leadership Team comprises a diversely specialised, highly qualified and passionately committed group of professionals who lead the organisation and our 1,750 staff in day to day operations.

Nick Ryan


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Cara Benoit

Executive Lead, People and Culture

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Rev Dr Russell Briese

Director of Chaplaincy and Ministry Development

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Tricia Davis

Executive Lead, Customer, Marketing and Product

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Charles Grady

Executive Lead, Enterprise, Transformation & Governance

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Emma Hunt

Executive Lead, Property and Assets

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Thea Madigan

Executive Lead, Corporate Services

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Chris Seiboth

Executive Lead, Community Services

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Kerrie Storey

Executive Lead, Aged Care

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