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Our volunteers make a real difference to many people’s lives every day. They help us to realise our vision of encouraging those we serve to pursue the life they hope for, and the communities we are part of to thrive.

Our volunteers lend help in many areas – gardening, transport, computer literacy, art and craft, music and drama, exercise, social activities, pastoral care, community events and of course simply providing companionship and support.

You too could make a difference

You don’t need any special qualifications — just a positive outlook and a hands-on attitude.

You will also need a current influenza vaccination and police check – and possibly a blue card (working with young people) and/or yellow card (working with adults with a disability). We can help you organise a police check and blue/yellow card application.

“Our dedicated and beautiful volunteers provide invaluable support, assistance and companionship to our seniors, residents and clients. I am in awe of our volunteers’ commitment to put other people’s needs first. Their acts of generosity, joy and kindness are greatly appreciated by everyone involved. We are truly blessed to have them.”

– David, Creative Programs & Volunteer Team, Support Centre, Milton

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“I love volunteering. It’s an opportunity to meet people and help people. The residents look forward to seeing you. So the more people involved the better.”

– Murray, Volunteer, Trinder Park, Woodridge

reading to elderly

“We have volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. They help us to build diversity and vitality. They spread sparks of joy as they connect with people from all walks of life. They bring a valuable gift that is shared around and helps to create the wonderful atmosphere we have.”

– Natalee, Creative Programs & Volunteer Team, Support Centre, Milton

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To find out more about volunteering with us,
please get in touch.