Youth and Family

Behaviour support is about understanding the individual and developing a personalised plan to enhance quality of life by learning new skills.

Our behaviour support practitioners work with both children and adults to understand behaviours and develop positive strategies to meet their needs.

How our behaviour support practitioners can help

  • Work with the individual, their family, their support network and other services.
  • Assess behaviours and identify causes.
  • Develop positive strategies to reduce the impact of these behaviours.
  • Develop a personalised behaviour support plan.
  • Provide training and ongoing support for the individual and those around them.

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We help people like you and families like yours every day throughout South-East Queensland. We currently serve a growing list of regions, including:

  • Gympie
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Caboolture
  • Logan
  • Gold Coast

See how our behaviour support practitioners could help you and your family.