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5 September 2023 | Aged Care

Welcome to new Chaplain Jordan Bennett

Orana’s newest Lutheran Chaplain wants everyone to know they are loved and special.

Jordan Bennett was ordained and installed as a Chaplain at Orana Aged Care & Retirement Living in August, witnessed by family, friends and Orana residents.

Jordan has filled the shoes of retiring Chaplain Michael Braunberger.

“I am very much looking forward to embedding myself further into the Orana community,” Jordan said.

“I can’t wait to make it my ‘home’ for many years. I am also looking forward to getting to know the residents even better and deeper, and figuring out new ways to love and serve them.”

Jordan has a message of love and service to share.

“There is no one spare in this world, we all have incredible value and are worthy of love, respect and loyalty,” he said.

“That is my goal as the chaplain here: that everyone would know that you are well and truly loved and wonderfully special.”

Jordan joins a team of Chaplains at Lutheran Services.

Lutheran Services provides chaplaincy services at all Lutheran Services 11 residential aged care services.

Chaplaincy services are available to all residents and their loved ones, of all religious affiliations or world views.

Our chaplains are a mix of ordained Lutheran pastors and lay people, men and women.

Jordan said he was honoured to hold the role.

“I honestly believe that anyone who wants to get into pastoral ministry needs to spend some time as a chaplain, in any industry,” he said.

“Because as a chaplain you get people from every walk of life imaginable and every kind of issue that goes with it. You learn very quickly that a) no one really cares what denomination you’re from and what your theology is, b) no one really wants to hear what you have to say, but they will watch you every minute to see if you live the values you claim, and c) being a pastor, or chaplain, or whatever, the title means nothing if you’re not willing to sit down in the gutter with someone and meet them where they are.”

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