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14 January 2022 | Aged Care

Holiday Time Decision Making

Discussing the topic of aged care for a loved one during the holiday season and start of the new year can be difficult. It can often result in stressful situations if the discussion is not planned through. However, with a positive and thoughtful approach we can turn the decision making into an inclusive experience for all involved. 

While holiday time and new year is often seen as the perfect time for family discussions when the whole family is together, this same intense closeness can also interfere with constructive conversations. Starting the aged care conversation during the holidays with no prior thought can be complex and emotionally fraught for everyone involved.

It is always best that the discussion around aged care starts well before the need is urgent and does not occur as a spontaneous decision. Ideally elderly parents should lead the conversation and the family should put any preconceived ideas to one side and enter into the discussion in a spirit of openness.

It can also be a good idea to outline the type of care and how the care will be achieved financially in legal documentation such as a will. This early preparation means that when the time does come, the whole family is aware and the situation does not become overwhelming.

If the conversation around aged care does need to occur urgently, due to a sudden event or health issue, then having an open discussion where all involved parties feel listened to and included becomes even more important. 

Having this type of discussion when our families are together during holidays and the near year time can be a positive experience for all those involved if approached the right way. Remember these points if your family is choosing to have an open discussion around aged care:

1. Agree on the approach you will take, so the decision making process is intentional and inclusive, especially of the potential care recipient in question.

2. Proper research and planning, and open and honest communication among all of those involved in a supportive family environment

3. Once a plan outlining aged care needs and wants is established, it must be conveyed to the entire family so they understand the reasoning behind it

4. Preferably an outline of the chosen type of care should be included in legal documentation such as a will and there is a clear understanding of how the desired outcome will be achieved financially.

It is incredibly important that as families, we take a step back and plan for how we can have a constructive conversation about our loved ones’ potential care needs as they get older.

Once your family has decided on the type of aged care, you can begin to explore locations and organisations. To learn more about the aged care services that Lutheran Services provide, visit our pages here.

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