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3 October 2018 | Aged Care

St Paul’s – Residents recall Pastime Memoirs

Pastime Memoirs was a performance by the St Paul’s aged care residents at Caboolture, shared with family, friends and the community in October.

Written and presented by the residents, Pastime Memoirs explored the significance of the pastimes, special occasions and memories that define us as individuals and bind us as friends, family and community.

The Pastime Memoirs show took shape over several months as St Paul’s residents would regularly get together to playfully explore familiar topics and fond memories. The emphasis was on sharing stories and a laugh.

The Lutheran Services and St Paul’s Creative Programs teams worked with residents to shape and share the pastimes and memories that make them who they are.

The ‘pastime memoirs’ were then told through the voices and performances of residents, combined with symbolic stage and sound design.

The St Paul’s residents portrayed their past through storytelling, reminiscence, humour, performance and music – many for the first time.

From dances to fishing trips, it was clear that reconnecting to special memories, creating stories from favourite pastimes and sharing these experiences were a source of great joy.

“I spent the whole day fishing. I had a wonderful time. You wouldn’t believe the fish I caught. They were biting well that day. A kingfisher tried to take some of the fish I caught. Phyllis had to come and fetch me because I got so carried away. We cooked the fish for dinner. It was delicious.”

St Paul’s resident Olive said it was good to hear other people’s experience.

“It’s good to share stories and bring back memories from different areas of our lives. My family are coming to see the show. I hope it goes really well. I have never been bored since I came to St Paul’s,” she said.

Activities such as these provide a unique opportunity for aged care residents to engage in activities – reminiscence, storytelling, music, dance and drama – with the aim of improving wellbeing and preventing isolation and depression.

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