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6 October 2023 | Aged Care

Here’s some advice: Don’t let the turkeys in!

There’s a font of wisdom just waiting to be tapped in our senior community.

Take the advice a group of Trinder Park aged care residents were happy to share to celebrate Queensland Seniors month, which runs until the end of October.

There are more than 875,000 people aged over 65 who call Queensland home.

With this number predicated to double by 2050, there has never been a better time to raise the visibility and voices of people as we age in Queensland.

Irene Scheermeijer has had some recent brushes with the curious bush turkey.

“Close your door or the bush turkeys will come in!” is her useful hint when you live so close to the bush as she does at Trinder Park.

David Gregory is a keen gardener – he keeps his garden covered from the turkeys.

To fund his plant purchases he recycles bottles.

“You can make heaps of extra pocket money by recycling bottles, I recently made a $110 dollars which I spent back into my garden,” he said.

Irene’s friend Noeline Gabolinsky has some basic – but oh so pertinent – advice: “Well, that reminds me of some great advice I received from an older lady where she said ‘just keeping taking air’.”

Daredevil Peter Hansen spent much of his youth stepping off high ridges, mastering air currents in a hang glider. His counsel is profound.

“If you find yourself upside down in a hang glider, just hang on tight and you’ll right yourself.”

Finally we hear from Vincent Manns: “The only good advice I’ve ever heard is ‘just put one foot in front of the other’. There’s lots of good advice out there but there’s no point unless you take notice of it.” Hear hear!

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