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19 February 2021 | Aged Care

A welcome on their new path

Women from all walks of life come to Mary & Martha’s domestic violence refuge to escape domestic and family violence.

The refuge offers help, security and support to women and children who come to the service at a time when there is nowhere safe for them to go.

Women find safety, emotional support and a non-judgemental welcome as they embark on their new path.

Donations to Mary and Martha’s go towards providing services and support such as:

    • A parenting program
    • Financial literacy and budgeting skills programs
    • An opportunity to attend Lutheran Youth camp – to experience a supportive Christian community while having fun
    • Healthy relationship program

We assist our clients to empower themselves with resilience and skills to actively work towards a better future for themselves and their children.

Our accommodation is safe, secure and modern offering:

  • self-contained apartments
  • a playground for children
  • recreation area to connect with others

Donate to the LCAQD Lutheran Service Lenten appeal – Mary and Martha’s Refuge here Mary & Martha’s refuge | LCA Donations & Payments.

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