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22 December 2022 | Aged Care

Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) – Lutheran Services’ position

From January 1 2023, The Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2021 makes voluntary assisted dying (VAD) lawful in Queensland under specific circumstances.   

As a ministry of the Lutheran Church, we believe that in Christ’s love everyone is someone; beloved and created in the image of God.    

As such it is Lutheran Services’ policy is that we do not provide VAD services or play an active role in the VAD process.  This policy does not prevent our residents or clients accessing external VAD services on our sites.  

If residents or clients in our care seek information and/or access to VAD, we will direct them to the Queensland Government’s Q-VAD Support where authorised doctors, nurses, and others assist with information and access to VAD.     

While Lutheran Services does not provide VAD services or play an active role in the VAD process, a respectful approach will always be maintained by all Lutheran Services people in the everyday care of residents who choose to pursue VAD, and to family and friends of such residents throughout the VAD process and any subsequent bereavement. Access to medical, chaplaincy, nursing and care services will not be adversely affected. We however do not play an active role in the VAD process.    

You can read more about our approach to VAD here. 

For more information about VAD in Queensland, including the contact details for Q-VAD Support visit 

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