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3 March 2021 | Aged Care

Final Report of Aged Care Royal Commission

The Federal Government released the Aged Care Royal Commission’s final report on 1 March 2021.

Lutheran Services supports the Royal Commission’s mission to restore public faith in, and build a stronger and more robust, client-focused aged care system.

We are committed to working in good faith to support the achievement of this mission.

When the Federal Government announced a royal commission investigation into Australia’s aged care system in late 2018, Lutheran Services welcomed the opportunity to embrace a new era of care for older Australians.

We provided a detailed submission to the Commission, with various recommendations on how to improve the system.

Now, over two years later, the government has released the final report from the Commissioners which is a comprehensive look at the current system; and includes a thorough list of recommendations on how the sector can reshape a new culture of care for older Australians.

The highlight of the report is its recommendation of a new Aged Care Act that puts older people first at every turn, recognising their rights to high quality and safe care.

For more on the Commission’s recommendations, you can click here for a summary on their website, which will also take you to the full report.

As our industry evolves, we know that one thing will continue to be the same – our staff’s dedication to their jobs. They are devoted to helping and caring for our residents and we thank them wholeheartedly for their service.

We are looking forward to the Government’s full response to this report.


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