New directions ease aged care visitor restrictions

December 2020

We are happy to share some wonderful news about visiting with your loved ones this Christmas season.

The requirement of a maximum of two visitors at a time to aged care has been lifted.

The Queensland Department of Health recently released Aged Care Direction 14, effective on Tuesday 1 December 2020.



However, visitors are still required to visit within their loved one’s room, outdoors, or in a specific area designated for family visits.

Note that under the government’s direction visitors are required to practice physical distancing.

Therefore this requirement may limit the number of people allowed in residents’ rooms.

So if you are planning to visit in a large group, we ask that you contact us in advance so we can ensure an appropriate space is available.

Common areas are still to be avoided.

Other COVID-19 regulations such as signing a health declaration at reception, taking a visitor’s temperature, social distancing, hand hygiene, staying home if unwell etc, still remain in place.

Of course a resident can still leave the home to attend a family gathering, if there are 50 people or less in attendance, or it is held at a venue which follows the government’s COVID safe regulations.


Flu vaccinations

Another change announced is that a person can now enter an aged care service without having the 2020 flu vaccination, as the peak of the influenza season is over and the vaccination is no longer readily available. We will no longer require proof of flu vaccination upon entry.

If you did not have the 2020 flu vaccine, you may now visit our aged care home. We thank you for observing the restriction.

We thank you for your ongoing understanding as we navigate COVID-19 and wish the blessings of Christmas on all Lutheran Services residents, clients and families.