Flu vaccinations deadline extended to 30 May 2021

April 2021

The Queensland Chief Health Officer requires anyone entering a residential aged care service to have the latest flu vaccination from 30 May (not 3 May 2021 as previously mandated).

This applies to anyone entering our aged care service for any reason, helping to protect the health of our residents, staff and communities.

You can receive a vaccination through your GP or pharmacy.

Please click here if you would like more information on the Queensland Health Aged Care Direction (No. 28).

What do I have to do?

Once vaccinated, you will be required to bring along proof of vaccination at each visit. This will either be a receipt from your GP or pharmacist, or a record from your Australian immunisation Register,  which you can access on the Medicare App on your phone.

Are there any exemptions?

There are only two exemptions to this Queensland Government mandate

  1. You have a medical reason for not being able tolerate the flu vaccine,
  2. You are observing the recommended waiting period between receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and the influenza vaccine.

Please discuss with your GP if you believe either of those exemption criteria apply to you. You will be required to show evidence that these apply to be eligible for an exemption.

Thank you for your understanding

This is a mandatory requirement, and we are unable to be flexible on this.

Please direct any health questions to your GP.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact your site manager.

Thanks again for your understanding and patience.