Dawson Wing at Wahroonga, closed to visitors

January 2022

The Dawson Wing at Wahroonga is currently closed to visitors as one staff member has tested positive for COVID-19 from community transmission.


Our team is prepared and are now implementing our Outbreak Management Plan. The Public Health Unit (PHU) has locked down Dawson Wing to all visitors until further notice and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been upgraded for all staff.


We are working with the PHU to implement a testing regime.

We will keep our families updated as to when the tests are being conducted and when results are known. If any resident tests positive, their families will be contacted personally and immediately.


We are now undertaking contact tracing and any residents or staff that are designated as close contacts will be isolated and tested.


We will continue to be guided by the PHU and Commonwealth Department of Health to contain and manage the situation.


Keeping our staff, residents and families informed in a timely manner is a priority and our COVID-19 Response Communication Plan has been enacted. We will provide our nominated contacts updates either by SMS, phone calls or email.


People can also call our contact centre directly on 1800 243 935.


Thank you for your cooperation at this time as we all work to keep our much-loved residents safe during this pandemic.