Cooinda FAQs

Hello Cooinda!
We’re delighted to meet you


Hello to all Cooinda residents, staff, families and friends

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Lutheran Services – part of the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District. We are an established and respected provider of aged care, home care, retirement living and community services to the people of Queensland.

We are honoured to be selected to take on the new ownership role for Cooinda Aged Care Centre.

Why the change?

Since 1965, Cooinda Aged Care Centre has belonged to the Gympie community and has been administered by a dedicated committee of community-minded businesspeople and retired professionals. However, given the current legislative reforms and accreditation requirements this type of operational model is no longer sustainable for a stand-alone operator.

The Cooinda Management Committee sought out like-minded and well-established aged care providers. They wanted to secure the future of Cooinda – for its residents, staff and the Gympie region.

We were humbled and delighted they chose us to secure the long-term sustainability and continue the legacy of this wonderful community of Cooinda.

We know Gympie and aged care well

Our Zion Retirement Living community in Gympie was established in 1990. In recent years, we have also provided home care services and support to a growing number of people in the Gympie region.

We look forward to serving and working with you

We respect the role Cooinda plays in your lives and in the Gympie community – as a care provider and significant employer for the region.
We appreciate this was an important decision for the Management Committee. We want to make sure the change to new ownership is as smooth as we can for residents, staff and families.

Rest assured, we will work hard and work together to:

  • ensure Cooinda residents continue to receive great care and support
  • help Cooinda staff to continue doing what they do so well
  • maintain the many qualities that make Cooinda a special place
  • make the transition process as clear and simple as possible.

And we look forward to working together to maintain Cooinda’s excellent reputation of providing much-loved services and care and enabling residents to pursue a good life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the new owners of Cooinda Aged Care Centre?

Lutheran Services is taking on the ownership role of Cooinda. We’re an established provider of aged care and community services throughout South-East Queensland.

We have 10 aged care services and 10 retirement living communities, from Tallebudgera to Biloela.

In Gympie, Lutheran Services currently provides care to many local residents through our Zion Home Care service and Zion Retirement Living village in O’Connell Street.

Who appointed Lutheran Services as the new owners?

Lutheran Services is humbled and grateful to be selected by the Cooinda Management Committee to take on the new ownership role at Cooinda and to continue the legacy of this wonderful community.

We’re locally focused, with local employees but with the added strength and support of our broader organisation to help us continue Cooinda’s legacy.

Why did the Cooinda Management Committee appoint new owners?

After 56 years, Cooinda’s Management Committee recognised the aged care environment has changed, with evolving legislation and increasingly complex accreditation and operational requirements.

The Committee believes new ownership is necessary for Cooinda to continue its excellent work in the community and navigate the complexities of the aged care sector.

Why was Lutheran Services chosen as the new owners?

Lutheran Services is an established and recognised provider of aged care services throughout South-East Queensland. We will draw on our specialist expertise, operational knowledge and resources to underpin a sustainable future for Cooinda.

Our mission and values closely align with Cooinda, as a grass-roots community services provider committed to serving others.

When will Lutheran Services officially become the new owners?

The transition of ownership will commence from Monday 6 September 2021, with the ownership transfer finalised by October 2021.

Will the current team at Cooinda remain the same?

We believe staff are the heart and soul of Cooinda. Without the dedicated Cooinda staff and leadership team, this wonderful community wouldn’t exist.

All staff are welcomed and encouraged to stay at Cooinda with the transition to new ownership. All existing employment conditions will be honoured. As part of the transition, staff will be provided with an offer of employment to work for Lutheran Services, with a designated period to accept this offer.

Will the name of the centre change?

Lutheran Services plans to keep the name ‘Cooinda Aged Care’. The service is well known in the community and enjoys an excellent, well-earned reputation. Some of the branding will change over time to reflect Lutheran Services. This might include logos, signage and paint colours, for example.

What is the history of the Lutheran Church in Gympie?

The Lutheran Church has been active in Gympie since its beginnings on the Gympie goldfields in 1858, to 1911 when it was built originally as a Congregational Church. In 1942, it was dedicated as a Lutheran Church. The current congregation had the vision and mission of service to build the Zion Retirement Living village in 1990, which has served the Gympie community for over 30 years.

Will the current level of care and support continue for Cooinda residents?

Yes. We will build on Cooinda’s reputation for delivering great care. We’ll work hand-in-hand with Cooinda to ensure ongoing high standards and services that enable residents to feel safe, be comfortable and enjoy life.

Will fees change?

Lutheran Services will not apply any fee changes, except in accordance with current resident agreements and legislation. These changes would occur regardless of the ownership transition.

Will the current activities still be on offer to residents?

As we transition ownership, all current activities will remain on offer to Cooinda residents. However, these may change as we review the program of activities and gather feedback from residents, families and staff.

We also look forward to learning from and continuing Cooinda’s approach to community partnerships – such as those with USC and our local community groups.

What new activities and programs will be on offer?

We hope to add value through innovative programs that have been welcomed by residents and families alike from our other Lutheran Services communities. For example, our Happy Table collaboration between residents, families and staff to ensure we deliver the best possible food and dining experience. We will be providing more information in the coming months.

We like the fact Cooinda is a community run service – how will Lutheran Services make sure it doesn’t lose its community essence?

As a faith-based organisation, we understand the benefits and challenges of being a not-for-profit, community-focused organisation. Unlike other organisations, our aim is not to make money for shareholders and investors. We have a genuine mission to give back to our communities and support the most vulnerable.