Meet our people.

What makes Lutheran Services a great place to work? Hear from some of our 1500 committed employees who help us to make a real difference to the lives of many people every day.

They bring our vision to life—helping those we serve to pursue the lives they hope for, and enabling the communities we are part of to thrive.


I love coming to work. It’s a wonderful atmosphere and such rewarding work. We’re a strong community. The wonderful people we get to care for. The inspirational staff who go the extra mile every day with a smile on their face. Some have been working with us for 30 years. I feel we have valuable input into clinical innovation and ultimately the resident’s quality of life. I feel we really make a difference. I am blessed to work with such a passionate and dedicated team and an organisation that empowers knowledge and innovation. I love the positive energy. For me it’s all about the laughter and friendship.

– Melanie, Care Manager, Tabeel Aged Care


I’ve been working at Keystone since 2013 and it feels like a second home. It’s a place where I feel comfortable to be myself, to express ideas and to do the kind of work I’m passionate about. Working at Keystone is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to do meaningful work with likeminded people within the structure of a large organisation. Our clients are the light of our workplace and make every day unique and interesting. That’s not even mentioning how hilarious they are! I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such wonderful people.

– Boden, Senior Case Manager, Keystone Services


I came here on a two-week placement as an Assistant in Nursing seven years ago. I’ve never left. I love the people. I love my job. It’s so rewarding coming to work with people who love to see you. I go on holidays and I can’t wait to come back – and get a “welcome home”. I have great friendships with the residents. We have a lot of resident input. They tell us what we do, what we celebrate. It’s their place. It’s a beautiful environment.

– Arlene, Creative Programs Facilitator, Immanuel Gardens


Help those we serve to
pursue the lives they
hope for.